Salim Latib
Dr Anne McLennan
Apparently, what he does is important. Most of us at KD are still curious. We understand that he looks after everything (whatever that means). He stresses, writes loads of stuff and he makes sure that the clients we have get more then they paid for (always). He has loads of degrees (useless paper) and was a senior bureaucrat and academic (eish) before joining Knowledge Doc. We clean our office when we see her and scurry around looking busy when she comes in. She spends most of her time teaching at WITS. She is apparently the bosses, boss and boy is she clever, Phd and all, she helps us focus on content, maintain quality and avoid the fluff. She is Dr Content over form, design and fluff, par excellence.  She is also responsible for any language and spelling problems – capish
Sadah Pachigadas
Nadia Blaze
  We think he works here, we still not sure. We no that he attracts trouble and always looks for trouble. Good thing that we always create problems and watch him get real excited with solving them. Apparently clients like him (sexy) so he spends time liaising with clients, marketing what we do and selling our streaming products. No wonder we rarely see him.  Sadah   Our good advise, don’t mess with her! She knows and understands that clients and their clients are ‘simple’ and everything we do, needs to be simple. She spends loads of time making complex multimedia design and video integration look simple. She makes your viewing experience easy, but not responsible for your lousy computer. Nadia

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